Do you know about
HIV testing?

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Do you know about
the pill to prevent HIV?

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Do you know about
HIV treatment?

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HIV doctor Leandro Mena on the #AskTheHIVDoc set
HIV & AIDS: what's the difference?


Top HIV docs Demetre Daskalakis, David Malebranche, Charlene Flash, and Leandro Mena answer questions about all things HIV and sexual health!


HIV doctor Demetre Daskalakis smiling on the #AskTheHIVDoc set
Wouldn't I know?
HIV doctor Charlene Flash on the #AskTheHIVDoc set
My doctor would test me, right?
HIV doctor David Malebranche of #AskTheHIVDoc
Is PrEP right for me?
HIV doctor Charlene Flash of #AskTheHIVDoc
How effective is PrEP?