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2023 Partner Portal

A model public-private partnership to support communities in ending HIV. Each June 27, National HIV Testing Day, KFF’s Greater Than HIV, a leading national public information campaign, and Walgreens bring health departments and community organizations into Walgreens stores to offer FREE HIV testing and distribute information. Local partners also provide PrEP referrals and link those in need to care.

More than 82,000 FREE rapid HIV tests, including 15,000 HIV self tests, have been provided since 2011 as part of the Greater Than HIV/Walgreens partnership. Even more have been reached with HIV information and resources. 

In 2024, the program expanded to offer free rapid testing for syphilis and hepatitis C testing along with HIV. Results from 2024 are forthcoming.

“Not only does [the activation] give us the opportunity to connect with people from the community but were also able to help normalize having conversations about sexual health.”

— Open Door Health Center (Elgin, IL)

“The event not only raised awareness about HIV testing but also highlighted the importance of community engagement and healthcare accessibility…Overall, this experience was transformative for our organization, enabling us to make a meaningful impact and advance our goals of promoting health equity and raising awareness about HIV/AIDS.”

— FoundCare (West Palm Beach, FL)

“It has meant very much to us! We had the opportunity to reach out to the people in our community and educate, answer questions, help them know their status, and let them be aware of the services they can receive at our clinic. It was a wonderful experience.

— Ryan Health (New York, NY)

“Being a part of the National Testing Day Activation with Greater Than HIV and Walgreens meant being a part of a collaborative that shared a vision to increase education, reduce stigma for the improvement of health outcomes amongst our vulnerable communities.”

— One Community Health (Sacramento, CA)