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My grandmother lived through the AIDS crisis so I guess that’s what really sparked the conversation. My community so largely affected by HIV. If nothing changes, the current estimate is one in four Latino men who have sex will become HIV positive. PrEP is a pill you take once a day. It’s an added layer of protection for HIV negative people. PrEP is only effective against preventing HIV. I recommend PrEP and a condom. It is important to keep yourself healthy because your sexual health does lead to your health overall. And that was that was really important to me. My grandmother was very supportive. Of course she still wants me to be her little Juanito but now she has that extra layer of security. It doesn’t matter if I’m with someone who’s HIV positive, with someone who was HIV negative, I just feel much more, secure. For more information, go to

Para Jonathan, PrEP consiste en agregar una capa de protección. “No importa si estoy con alguien que es VIH positivo, con alguien que es VIH negativo, simplemente me siento mucho más seguro”.

¡Hablemos de PrEP!

Para aquellos que no tienen VIH, PrEP ofrece otra poderosa forma de protección. Cuando se toma tal cual se receta, esta píldora de una vez al día es altamente efectiva para proteger contra el VIH.

Haz click aquí para más información sobre la píldora para prevenir el VIH, incluyendo los proveedores locales de PrEP.