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When I came out, my mom’s biggest fear, was me contracting HIV. I think one of the big things is being proactive about your health care which is what PrEP is all about. PrEP is this pill that you take once a day to prevent HIV. When I was starting on PrEP, my mom had no idea what it was. I told her it’s as if I’m taking birth control. I’m not planning on getting HIV, just like people aren’t planning on getting pregnant. PrEP makes me feel like I am able to take my health into my own hands. It gives me a lot less anxiety. It comes down to do I like this person. It really just brings everything back down to like the individual, which is honestly like where we should be now. For more information, go to

PrEP le permite a Brandon enfocarse en sus relaciones. “Realmente hace que todo vuelva a ser sobre si te gusta la persona, que honestamente es lo que debería ser ahora”.

¡Hablemos de PrEP!

Para aquellos que no tienen VIH, PrEP ofrece otra poderosa forma de protección. Cuando se toma tal cual se receta, esta píldora de una vez al día es altamente efectiva para proteger contra el VIH.

Haz click aquí para más información sobre la píldora para prevenir el VIH, incluyendo los proveedores locales de PrEP.