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Let's talk about HIV testing

collage of 6 photos of men and women for Greater Than HIV 'I got tested' campaign
Why I Got Tested
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smiling woman with hoop earrings
"If you’re having sex, go ahead and get tested."
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two smiling men hugging
"We wanted to be safe and happy, and live a long life together."
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Two men smiling with their arms around each other
"I want to be healthy for my family and for my boyfriend."
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Man smiling leaning against a wall
“It’s fast and easy, and I go back to work knowing my status.”
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Man smiling with his leg on a ledge
“It just brings you so much relief.”
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Man smiling outside
“Being on top of my testing routine makes me feel great.“
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Man smiling against a brick wall
“If I know my status, I know what I have to do to stay healthy.”
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