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I Got Tested: What's Next?

Ask to be tested!

HIV testing is recommended as a part of routine health care. But that doesn’t mean it automatically happens. Regular testing is also recommended for other common sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs.

Talk with your health care provider about what STDs you should be tested for and how often.

two smiling men hugging
"We wanted to be safe and happy, and live a long life together."
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Why I Get Tested

Real people share their HIV testing experiences, and why it’s a part of their health routine.

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"If you’re having sex, go ahead and get tested."
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"It's up to me to take care of myself and to get tested."
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"Knowing my status allows me to take control of the situation."
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"I want to be healthy for my family and for my boyfriend."
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   Find FREE HIV & Other STD Testing Near You

Call to confirm hours and available services, appointments may be required.

If you’re unable to go in person, ask if HIV self-tests are available.