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PrEP es una píldora que se toma una vez al día, para las personas que no tienen VIH, y quieren protección adicional. La mayoría de las personas pagan poco o nada por PrEP. Averigua si PrEP es una buena opción para ti.

PrEP vs. PrEP?

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) both prevent HIV, but what's the difference? Find out in this short animated video!

Let’s Talk About PrEP & Women!

In their own words, women talk about their decisions to go on PrEP, what it has meant for them, and why they want more women to know about this option.

#AskTheHIVDoc – All About PrEP!

The latest installment of the popular Greater Than AIDS YouTube series #AskTheHIVDoc is “All about PrEP!” Because HIV should never stand in the way of LOVE!

Starting and stopping PrEP?

Can you start and stop taking PrEP? If you find yourself interested in starting then stopping PrEP, Dr. David reviews some things you should consider.

Virginia Powered by PrEP

Real life stories about how PrEP - the pill to prevent HIV - is helping people take charge of their health.

Partying on PrEP?

As long as you're taking PrEP as prescribed, consuming drugs and alcohol should not directly affect how well PrEP works. However, substance use may affect how consistently you take the medication, and missing doses can lower the effectiveness of PrEP.