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Making a Difference – KFF’s Greater Than HIV and Walgreens National HIV Community Partnership

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“This unique public-private partnership has grown today to become the largest National HIV Testing Day event in the nation.”

Allison Dejan, a consultant with KFF, shared this sentiment in an Community Conversation about KFF’s Greater Than HIV and Walgreens National HIV Community Partnership. Watch the video clip below to hear how Allison describes the partnership which brings free, rapid HIV testing and referrals to local prevention and treatment services to hundreds of Walgreens stores throughout the nation on National HIV Testing Day (NHTD), recognized annually on June 27.

Stephen Chambers, HIV Prevention Coordinator, West Central Health District in Columbus, Georgia, and a multi-year partner of the Greater Than HIV/Walgreens partnership, joined Allison in the conversation. Stephen shares his thoughts, in the video below, about how the partnership helps his organization mobilize its testing efforts in continuing to work toward its goal of preventing the spread of HIV.

Stephen also highlights the benefits of the Greater Than HIV/Walgreens partnership and how it allows his organization to further connect with the community it serves. He says that the partnership provides an opportunity to “build the bridge with our community to let them know that it is a safe space that we provide where they can come and get tested.”

Watch the video below to hear Stephen share his favorite memory from participating in the program and how it allowed his organization to serve a community member despite the perceived obstacle of a language barrier.

Partnership Background

Since 2011, KFF and Walgreens have teamed with community organizations and local health departments to test onsite at stores across the country on NHTD. This partnership encourages people to get tested for HIV, know their status, and get linked to local PrEP and HIV care services. Since its inception, the partnership has delivered more than 82,700 free, rapid HIV tests in Walgreens stores and through self-test distribution on NHTD. in 2023, partners were onsite in 440 stores, including in most of the 57 Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. initiative priority jurisdictions. Watch a brief video showcasing some of the 2023 efforts.

Expanding the Partnership this Year

The partnership is scaling up what testing partners can offer on NHTD 2024, including free, rapid hepatitis C virus and syphilis testing, and is seeking out new partners to expand the partnership. Local health departments and community-based organizations that serve the HIV community are welcome to review this checklist and email Greater Than HIV to get involved in the 2024 NHTD activation.

If your organization is considering joining this impactful partnership, watch Stephen share an encouraging message in the video below.

For more information about the Greater Than HIV/Walgreens National HIV Community Partnership, which aligns with and furthers the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, visit the partnership’s website here.