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Let's Talk About HIV!

Knowledge is Power! Test. PrEP. Treat.Advances in prevention and treatment are bringing us closer to ending HIV, but many people don’t know about them. Together we can change that!

Greater Than HIV offers easy-to-use, reliable resources on HIV testing, PrEP, and treatment that you can use in your work and outreach.

Real People. Real Stories.

From diagnosis to disclosure, to finding love and staying healthy regardless of status, these videos inspire, educate and show what is possible. Watch. Share. Be Inspired.

Get the Facts!

Answers to more than 50 frequently-asked questions are available in English and Spanish. Explore by topic:

Spread the Word

Download digital materials to use on your social, web and email platforms – including graphics, informational resources, flyers and more – to support your outreach.

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Whether living with HIV or not, we all have a role to play in ending the epidemic. Together, we are #GreaterThanAIDS! Join the movement at

Knowledge is power! Advances in the prevention and treatment of HIV are bringing us closer to ending the epidemic. Find out about HIV testing, prevention – including PrEP – and treatment at #GreaterThanAIDS


Got questions about HIV testing? Get the facts at #GreaterThanAIDS

We got tested! Real people share their HIV testing stories and why they make testing part of their health routine: #GreaterThanAIDS

Free and low-cost HIV testing is available across the country. Find a location near you at #GreaterThanAIDS


Got questions about PrEP? Learn more about the HIV prevention pill at  #GreaterThanAIDS

Let’s Talk About PrEP! Real people share why they are taking the pill to prevent HIV and how it has helped them take charge of their health: #GreaterThanAIDS

While any doctor can prescribe PrEP, not all are familiar with it. Find a PrEP-friendly provider near you at #GreaterThanAIDS


Stay healthy, prevent HIV! In addition to improving health, #HIV treatment also prevents the spread of the virus to others. Learn more at #GreaterThanAIDS

Watch now! Real people share their stories of diagnosis and starting and staying on HIV treatment: #GreaterThanAIDS

Find HIV care and treatment services near you with this easy-to-use locator. There are options for people with and without insurance: #GreaterThanAIDS