Speak Out

Gay and bisexual men and transgender women account for most new HIV infections in the U.S. When we speak out about HIV, we help to confront stigma and misinformation.

Black man with his arms crossed
"I am my brother's keeper, positive or not."

Let’s Bring HIV Out of the Closet!

From sharing an HIV status with a partner, to talking openly and honestly with a healthcare provider, we help to confront stigma and misinformation. Watch. Share.

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Man smiling
"I feel like being open about my status is a second coming out."
White man with a straight face
"I knew HIV was manageable and I had to treat it."
Black man with a straight face
"If I can do it, I can encourage someone else to do it."
Close up photo of a man's face for #SpeakOut Dallas by Greater Than AIDS
"HIV doesn't define me."
Watch videos of young gay men breaking the stigma around HIV


What started with 25 young gay men sharing their personal stories about HIV at a workshop in Washington, DC has now grown into a nationwide movement to end the silence around HIV. What will YOU say?


Speak Out Texas

Presented in three chapters, this intimate and candid conversation explores issues around HIV that gay and bisexual men face but don’t always talk about enough, and provides tips for staying healthy regardless of status.

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Speak Out San Francisco

A group of men from the San Francisco Bay Area talk about how HIV has affected their lives and those around them. They share how they have opened up conversation and affected change in their communities.

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