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What do you want people to know about HIV?

Marnina: I want people to know that it’s a chronic, manageable illness. As long as you’re staying in touch with your health care provider and taking your medicine everyday as prescribed, you can reach an undetectable viral load.

Aurelio: That means the virus in your blood is so low you can’t transmit it to your partner.

Kneeshe: I always think about my first day of being diagnosed and how I felt. You have to be able to actively listen and to have that genuine feeling and compassion.

Marissa: There is a lot of misconceptions about how HIV is and is not contracted. People think drinking out of a cup, hugging someone, sweat, tears. It is really important going back to the basics and saying, “This is not how you get it.”

Raul: For people to understand the importance about testing, options out there for treatment, options out there to prevent HIV.

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