Dr. Charlene Flash

Meet Dr. Charlene Flash! She’s the newest addition to #AskTheHIVDoc – a popular video series of docs answering commonly-asked questions about HIV.

Charlene Flash, MD, MPH is a PrEP expert and is currently the Assistant Medical Director of HIV Prevention Services for Harris Health System in Houston, TX, and an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Disease at Baylor College of Medicine. She provides primary care to a large panel of patients living with HIV at Thomas Street Health Center, one of the oldest and largest free-standing HIV clinics in the United States.

“Twenty years ago, people would say I was crazy to say, ‘I want to end AIDS.’ But that time is here.” – Dr. Charlene Flash


#AskTheHIVDoc is a video series from Greater Than AIDS featuring top HIV doctors providing answers to commonly-asked questions about HIV prevention, testing and treatment.

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