The doctors are in! Drs. Demetre Daskalakis, Charlene Flash, David Malebranche, and Leandro Mena answer questions about all things HIV and sexual health in this short FAQ video series.

#AskTheHIVDoc: Care & Treatment

Dr. David Malebranche, a clinician-researcher specializing in HIV, gives the lowdown on all things care and treatment in his signature direct, engaging style.


#AskTheHIVDoc: All About PrEP!


​​​​​​​Drs. Demetre Daskalakis, David Malebranche, and Charlene Flash answer questions about PrEP – the pill to prevent HIV.

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#AskTheHIVDoc: Women & HIV

Dr. Charlene Flash - an HIV specialist and primary care doctor - answers questions about HIV and women.

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#AskTheHIVDoc: en Español

#AskTheHIVDoc: en Español

Dr. Leandro Mena, an infectious disease specialist, provides answers to all things HIV and sexual health en Español!

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