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Mahlon: Ryan White & ADAP

I’ve sought care both with insurance and without insurance. And I want people to understand and to know that there are options out there.

There is a program called the Ryan White Care Act and it is basically like an offset of insurance, specifically for individuals living with HIV.

So that access to care that someone may not have because they don’t have health insurance, Ryan White fills that gap.

Ryan White has a program called the AIDS Drug Assistance Program or ADAP, and the AIDS Drug Assistance Program is what pays for the medication. The federal government takes care of that cost to make sure that individuals living with HIV have access to the care that they need to survive.

A lot of times people living with HIV may have financial issues or financial concerns or living situations that may not be ideal but because of those things the Ryan White program helps address a lot of them through supportive services like peer navigators, like housing assistance.

Any individual who’s experiencing issues with getting into care or finding medication or because you don’t have insurance, that’s not something that we don’t want you to be discouraged by. You can get into care whether you have insurance or not.

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“I want people to understand that there are options out there.” Mahlon explains how the Ryan White HIV Care and AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP) can help people living with HIV who are uninsured or underinsured get medical care and treatment, as well as other support services.

Let’s Talk About HIV Treatment!

Antiretrovirals, the medications used to treat HIV, keep you healthy and prevent the spread of HIV to others.

Even if you do not have insurance, or are underinsured, there are options to get the care and medications you need to stay healthy.

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Care Program offers support services for people with HIV, including mental health care, housing assistance, and more.

The AIDS Drug Assistance Program to help individuals with financial need get their HIV medications.

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