Even if you do not have insurance, or are underinsured, there are options to get the medical care and medications you need to stay healthy. You can also get help with other social support needs, such as housing assistance, mental health care, dental care, substance abuse, and other services.

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program works with health departments and local community-based organizations to provide HIV medical care and other support services for people living with HIV who have no insurance or are underinsured.

The AIDS Drug Assistance Program or ADAP is part of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. It helps covers the cost of HIV-related prescription medications for low- to moderate- income people who have limited or no prescription drug coverage. Each state operates its own ADAP, so eligibility may vary from state to state, as well as other program elements.

Find out more about getting care and treatment through Ryan White/ADAP.

Additionally, under the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, people with HIV can now buy affordable coverage in the health care marketplace. Financial assistance may be available. In some states, coverage may be available through expanded Medicaid programs.


The content here is excerpted from the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) website (November 2018) and TargetHIV.org (November 2018).

“I've sought care both with insurance and without insurance. And I want people to understand and to know that there are options out there.”

Mahlon explains how the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Care Program offers support services for people with HIV, including mental health care, housing assistance, and more.

He also talks about the AIDS Drug Assistance Program to help individuals with financial need get their HIV medications.


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