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The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program: Kneeshe

I always think about my first day of being diagnosed and how I felt.

It was a really numb, somber feeling, at that time, receiving that diagnosis.

How would we be able to pay for the medications.

I remember being given an address to go speak with a young woman, to find out more about the Ryan White Program.

If you are living with HIV with insurance or without insurance, it assists to offset those barriers that you may have going forward with your dental, food, transportation, medication assistance, and a much more. Even your psychosocial services such as your mental health or emotional well-being.

The Ryan White Program basically saved my life.

It has afforded me my medication, copays and assistance, my labs to keep me healthy.

If it had not been for the Ryan White services I would not be where I am today.

Let’s Talk About HIV Treatment!

Antiretrovirals, the medications used to treat HIV, keep you healthy and prevent the spread of HIV to others.

Even if you do not have insurance, or are underinsured, there are options to get the care and medications you need to stay healthy.

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Care Program offers support services for people with HIV, including mental health care, housing assistance, and more.

The AIDS Drug Assistance Program to help individuals with financial need get their HIV medications.

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