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Greater Than HIV is a leading public information response focused on the U.S. domestic HIV/AIDS epidemic, in particular communities and people most affected.

Through targeted media messages and community outreach, Greater Than HIV and its partners work to increase knowledge and understanding of HIV and confront the stigma surrounding the disease, while promoting actions to stem its spread. Campaigns are tailored to the needs of specific communities with local tags and referrals and provide the latest on testing, prevention and treatment.

More than 250 individuals living with and affected by HIV, as well as clinicians and other leaders, have shared their stories and experiences in Greater Than HIV videos.

A detailed website provides information and local referrals to testing, PrEP and treatment services. With more than 500,000 followers and growing daily, Greater Than HIV on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube is one of the largest social media communities on the domestic epidemic and a go-to destination for those looking to find – and offer – advice and support.

Launched in 2009, Greater Than HIV works with a broad network of public and private sector partners – including federal, state and local health agencies, national leadership groups, HIV service and other community organizations, media and corporate allies, among others – to reach those in need with health information.

KFF – a nonprofit leader in health policy analysis, journalism and communications (not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente) – provides strategic direction and day-to-day oversight for Greater Than HIV, as well as produces and places the media campaigns.

Greater Than HIV references the latest epidemiological data, published research, and government sources, such as the CDC and NIH. Click here for national surveys and other research from Greater Than HIV and KFF.

Join the movement. Follow Greater Than HIV on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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