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No matter where you are, you now have easy access to the best information and reliable facts about HIV/AIDS. Check out all the new web and digital resources on!

1. Find answers to more than 50 commonly asked questions about HIV/AIDS through the handy “Five Ways You Can Be Greater Than AIDS” tool:

  • Know: Facts about HIV, what it is, how it is spread (and not!) and who is most affected and why.
  • Talk: Tips for starting the conversation with loved ones, health care providers and others.
  • Protect: The latest developments on prevention, including using condoms correctly and all about PrEP.
  • Test: Everything you need to know about HIV testing, including who should get tested, how often, different testing options and how they work.
  • Treat: The latest advances in treatment and how they work.

2. Use the HIV Service locator powered by to find testing locations and support services near you by entering your ZIP code.

3. Stay up to date on the latest news from Greater Than AIDS and partners. Missed something? Search archived articles to get the scoop on past activities.

4. Watch and be inspired by videos featuring Greater Than AIDS ambassadors, both those living with HIV and allies, who are helping to end the silence and stigma of HIV. What will you say?

5. Get more detailed resources from Greater Than AIDS campaign micro-sites.

  • I Got Tested: Want more information about HIV testing? Looking for a testing location near you? Have you been tested and want to know what’s next? This is the resource for you.
  • Speak Out: For our relationships, for our health, for our community. Engaging the LGBTQ community in the response to HIV/AIDS. Get informed. Speak Out!
  • Empowered: For women living with HIV/AIDS and their allies. This resource provides everyday ways you can make a difference in addressing HIV/AIDS.
  • Health Coverage, HIV & YOU: Guide to understanding the Affordable Care Act for people living with HIV.

6. Make your community Greater Than AIDS! Check out Tools for the Community, where you can access:

  • media-ready assets in digital, print, radio and TV formats;
  • downloadable or free-to-order posters, custom flyers, informational guides, and more;
  • an extensive video library of stories of people living with HIV and loved ones;
  • and ideas for hosting your own Greater Than AIDS themed events or how to support national activations.

7. Get information about localized Greater Than AIDS partnerships in select cities and states. Customized pages are currently available for Greater Than AIDS in Atlanta, Georgia and Texas, with additional rollouts planned throughout the year.

8. Stay connected by signing up for the monthly newsletter, email updates and following Greater Than AIDS on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

9. Navigate with ease, no matter where you are. is designed to be accessible on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Information is presented in an easy-to-navigate format with fact-driven content.

10. ¿Habla espanol? Many of the resources are available in Spanish, with more translations to come.