Coming Soon!

Empowered: Trans Women & HIV will spotlight the issues faced by transgender women in relation to HIV risk, prevention and care. By sharing common experiences, the campaign seeks to reduce social stigma, while promoting actions to improve health and well-being. Media messages and community outreach tools are planned for release in the summer of 2016, in the lead up to the International AIDS Conference, which includes a major focus on transgender health issues.

Watch this sneak-peek of the new campaign now and check back on July 7th for more videos and community resources!

Empowered: Women, HIV & Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate partner violence, including physical and emotional abuse, is a major issue facing women in the U.S. There is a concerning connection to HIV. Half of women with HIV have experienced abuse. Let’s end the cycle.

For more about this issue and resources for yourself or a loved one, click here.