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Advances in prevention
and treatment are bringing
us closer to ending HIV.



HIV testing is recommended as part of routine health care. FREE, confidential, and fast HIV testing is available across the U.S. Most places also offer other STD testing.

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For those who do not have HIV, PrEP, a once daily pill available by prescription, offers another powerful means of protection. Most people pay little or nothing for PrEP.

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Treatment offers significant health AND preventative benefits for people living with HIV. The amount of virus in the body can be reduced to very low, even undetectable levels.

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Group of people with their eyes closed
"We need someone to take care of our spirit."
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Real People.
Real Stories.

From diagnosis to disclosure, to finding love and staying healthy regardless of status, these videos inspire, educate and show what is possible.


Black woman smiling
"I'm slowly building myself up and that feels amazing."
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Man smiling outside
"My mom is always by my side, making sure I take my meds."
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Man and woman smiling with trees in background
“My mom is a huge part of why I stay healthy.”
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Man hugging his mom and smiling
"It makes us stronger."
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