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Top social media influencers are featured in this highly-watchable YouTube series about game-changing advances in HIV prevention, testing and treatment.

Todrick Hall singing and dancing with other dancers in an #HIVBeats video
“15 Ways You Cannot Get HIV!”
  • Video ID: 6172
  • Menu Order: 416

Meet the All-Stars

Watch Todrick Hall, Bob the Drag Queen, Davey Wavey, Zackary Drucker, Amber’s Closet and Catrific dance and share info about staying healthy regardless of HIV status.

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Bob the Drag Queen dancing in an #HIVBeats video
“Oh Hey! Prepare Yourself!”
  • Video ID: 6171
  • Menu Order: 418
Zackary Drucker smiling in an #HIVBeats video
“HIV Shouldn’t Stand in the Way of Love!”
  • Video ID: 6170
  • Menu Order: 421
Catrific smiling in an #HIVBeats video
“Guess What? I’m Not Pregnant!”
  • Video ID: 6168
  • Menu Order: 424
Ambers Closet dancing in an #HIVBeats video
“We Don’t Have Much Time…!”
  • Video ID: 14306
  • Menu Order: 419