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What is mpox?

Mpox? A virus that causes a rash and sores on the body including on the genitals and anus.

Mpox initial symptoms may include:
Muscle aches
Back ache
Swollen lymph nodes
...followed a few days later by a rash and open sores.

Mpox spreads through close personal contact:
Skin-to-skin contact, including touching, kissing, sex. Also towels, sheets and other items that come in contact with mpox sores.

Look for symptoms on yourself and others. Get help from a hand mirror. Avoid being intimate until sores have completely healed.

If you think you may have mpox get checked out by a healthcare provider.

FREE Mpox Vaccines are Available!

Mpox vaccines are available!

Get protected against mpox. Vaccination is available at no cost at many locations. Your local health department can tell you more about options in your community. Find a vaccine near you.