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What has helped you cope during COVID-19?

Blossom: Oh my goodness, I have developed a lot more strategies than I ever have before. Meditation would probably be one of the biggest ones.

Charles: I do bike rides. I have not been on a bike in years, but I have overcame that, so I’m good.

Michael: I’ve actually gone on a nature trail with friends. I miss not being able to hug them, and shake hands, and things like that. We kept healthy distance from each other, but just kind of being able to go and walk through the park together even though we’re maintaining our six feet away from each other.

Blossom: Some of my trans siblings have definitely been reaching out, but Zoom has definitely kept us all together and that’s something that was completely new for me.

Charles: I think going outside, just having a fresh breathe of air is good for yourself, too, taking some walks. If you love to paint, draw a picture. If you love to sing, I advise you to sing and sing your heart out. Sing like you’ve never sung before