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What does being on PrEP mean to you?

I’m doing my part to fight HIV.
I’m protecting myself but also being smart.
It means protection, pleasure, and education.
Being on PrEP means that I know that I am doing the best that I can do to protect myself and others from HIV.
It means a choice, it means freedom.
Being on PrEP means for me that I get to be in charge of my own healthcare.
I’ve always wanted my partners to feel like I recognize that I am an active participant in this, so… Where HIV is concerned, I’m on PrEP. We’re good. So let’s focus on those other aspects of us as well, such as, I dunno… If we even really like each other.

“Being on PrEP means that I know that I’m doing the best I can to protect myself and others from HIV.” Young men from around the country share what being on PrEP, the pill to prevent HIV, means to them. Watch what they have to say!

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