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What does being HIV undetectable mean for you?

Marissa: I had heard about undetectable – wasn’t really sure what it meant until about a year into my diagnosis.

Aurelio: When you’re HIV undetectable that means the virus in your blood is so low that the lab can’t detect it, and you can’t transmit it to your partner.

Marnina: As long as you’re staying in touch with your health care provider, and taking your medicine everyday as prescribed, you can reach an undetectable viral load.

Kneeshe: When I go and get my labs they let me know that I’m still undetectable and that my CD4 count is doing well.

Marissa: CD4 are the helper cells, your white blood cells, that are in your body that help fight off any kind of infections.

Raul: Being undetectable makes me a little more confident about sharing my status.

Marnina: Although it’s not a cure for HIV, me reaching an undetectable viral load took the weight of living with HIV kind of off of me, and it let me know that I won’t transmit to my partner, that I can live a long healthy life with HIV.

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