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Women & PrEP: Marnina

Women are not taught enough about PrEP. And the fact that we’re not talking to women, especially women most vulnerable to an HIV diagnosis, especially women of color, is a disservice that we’re doing, for real.

PrEP is for someone who could be at risk for contracting HIV. It’s a once daily medication that they can take in order to prevent them from contracting the HIV virus.

I like to look at PrEP as birth control for HIV.

Whether you’re in a relationship and partnered, or whether you are single, PrEP is a tool in the tool box.

It’s something that you could just take for yourself to make sure that you are protecting yourself and make sure that you stay empowered.

Let’s Talk About PrEP!

For those who do not have HIV, PrEP offers another powerful means of protection. When taken as prescribed, this daily pill is highly effective in protecting against HIV.

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