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What are the symptoms of mpox?

We usually think of mpox as a skin infection. People can get a rash. It can look like chickenpox. It can look like herpes. Some people also progress to having mpox in other parts of their body. So, individuals could have infections in their anus or rectum and sometimes also in their throats or mouths.

The only way to know if you have mpox is via a test. So, if you have rectal pain or if you have a rash on the inside of your mouth, it's really good to get that seen by a clinician.

And if they don't think mpox, you think mpox and say, “Hey, can I get the swab for mpox as well?”

So, a funky rash that you don't understand equals let's get a mpox test.

Mpox vaccines are available … and FREE!

Vaccination is available at no cost regardless of your ability to pay the administration fee. Providers may bill insurance or Medicaid / Medicare. Your local health department can also provide information about options in your community.