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Trans Empowered

I do feel like we have a community of trans women who are empowered today.
We don’t have to live in the shadows anymore. Trans people definitely need to have their own voice within HIV. You know we’re trans, not black gay men. HIV hasn’t stopped me from dating, and it’s not going to stop me from getting married.
To step into this life, you have to have tough skin, it’s about you standing in your truth.
It is okay to live with HIV. It is okay to be accepted.
This is who I am, I shouldn’t be ashamed of that. I am a transgender woman, I am so proud to say that.
When it comes to really having an impact on HIV as a threat to this community, the only way that we’re going to move beyond it is really by working together.

Transgender women are among those at highest risk for HIV today. More than one in four trans women – including more than half of Black trans women – are living with HIV. To bring more understanding of the issues faced by transgender women in relation to HIV risk, prevention and care six #TransEmpowered women talk about love, life and HIV.