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Toren & Jonathan

Toren: Hi, my name is Toren, and I live in San Francisco, California with my boyfriend, Jonathan. He’s very intelligent and also very compassionate. Jonathan disclosed his HIV status to me from the very beginning, and I knew that there are ways to protect yourself, and there are ways to have a relationship with someone where you both can still be healthy and the negative partner can stay negative.
Jonathan: It’s so important for me that he stays healthy, and stays negative. And for me that means him getting tested and knowing his status. And part of my empowerment and taking my medications is also I know that it keeps him safe.
Toren: Since I’ve been with Jonathan, I test about every 6 months. Knowing my HIV status makes me feel that I am in control of my health. I’ve made a commitment to keep myself negative, I want to be healthy for my family and for my boyfriend. When I look at my boyfriend, I’m not just looking at his HIV status, I’m looking at who he is as a person. I’m Toren, and I got tested. Learn more at