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Tips for Remembering to Take PrEP?

I got one of these. That way, I can always check back and be like, “Did I take my Saturday?”

“Did I take my Sunday?” Tell those that are closest to you that you are on this new medication and that way, not only have you given those around you a bit more information about PrEP, but you have that small network of people that are willing to hold you accountable and potentially ask, “Yo, did you remember to take your medication today?”

I take it with all my other medicine when I have my morning coffee.

I set an alarm, but I also set a reminder to back up my alarm.

Some of the things I do to remind me to take my PrEP: Have this keychain that I keep my PrEP in. I also use my alarm on my phone.

Alarm and my fifth pocket. Those are my two tools making sure I utilize PrEP every single day, and never leave home without it.

“Tell those closest to you that you are on PrEP. That way you’ve given those around you more info, plus you have a network of people to help keep you accountable and ask, ‘Did you remember to take your PrEP today?'” Young men from around the country share how they remember to take PrEP – the daily pill to prevent HIV. Watch what they have to say!

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