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I get tested probably anywhere from six months to at least once a year. Every time you take a test you are always nervous about what the results are going to be. If it takes longer to come back than you would normally expect, you get more nervous. The first time I heard about PrEP was from a transgender group. PrEP is a daily pill that protects against HIV. I reached out for information on how do I go about getting on it. We ran through a series of tests, we just went from there. I want to continue to keep myself healthy. Anything that’s going to keep me from surviving, or keep me here longer, I’m willing to try it. I would recommend it to anyone, everyone to be safe and secure in whatever you do no matter who you are. Why not take care of yourself the best way you can? I believe that right now is the time. The more people that are on PrEP, it could help turn the tables on HIV. It gives me hope. For more information, go to

“The more people that are on PrEP, we can turn the tables on HIV. I believe that time is now.”

Let’s Talk About PrEP!

For those who do not have HIV, PrEP offers another powerful means of protection. When taken as prescribed, this daily pill is highly effective in protecting against HIV.

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