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Teresa: My name is Teresa. I am a mother. Marteniz is like a breath of fresh air when we’re together. I am so proud to be his mother. He keeps me laughing.

A little more than 10 years ago Martinez had just graduated from high school

Once he went into the Air Force, you have to take you know the physical and they told him then that he was HIV positive.

To see Marteniz go through what he was going through, I was heartbroken. His whole world just crumbled around you to see him just fall apart like that I fell apart. Let me get it together because I don’t cry real pretty you know.

I really didn’t know what to expect at that point but I did know one thing I knew that I was gonna love my child no matter what. You know I had to pull myself together and I had to be strong for Martinez because he needed somebody that’s that was going to be there for him you know to support him.

Marteniz: My mother came to me at the perfect time we just said hey you know you got a lot to live for.

T: You can still go on and you can live with it we can live with this we are going to live with this

Marteniz: And that’s when I started learning about HIV and learning how to live comfortably in my own skin with it and be open about it.

T: It’s just so hard for me to even imagine not being there for my son. A lot of parents out here that really don’t know how to deal with HIV positive son or daughter. How could you have a child and you just and just not be there? I’m a mother and I have a son that’s HIV positive and he’s gay. I love it, I love everything about him. He’s my son.

After Teresa’s son, Martinez, was diagnosed with HIV after graduating high school, she didn’t know what to expect. But she knew one thing, “I knew that I was going to love my child. No matter what.”

With Teresa’s love and support, Martinez got educated about how to live well with HIV.