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Support groups for people living with HIV

There are online resources particularly for black gay men you can look at the He is Valuable Project, there’s also Thrive SS and you can get support from them.
There are other members who have been diagnosed with HIV a long time ago.
Some have examples and solutions to what you can use with regards to if you come to problems with insurance. Disclosing to your sexual partners. Talking to your family, your rights as far as where you’re working, if someone can discriminate against you.
So these are some of the practical things that you can learn along the way and it comes from people who have lived through your experience, so again you don’t have to feel alone, even if you don’t like physically going into a group, there are a lot of online resources that you can access, that should be able to help you get connected with people.

Dr. David Malebranche, MD, MPH, a clinician-researcher specializing in HIV, gives the lowdown on all things HIV care and treatment in the latest installment of the #AskTheHIVDoc video series.