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For Our Relationships, Health and Community Intro

I like to think of myself and probably everyone here, as someone who will, you know, fit into any clique or can reach out to everyone in the community but I felt, I felt separated from the community when I got my diagnosis. To disclose it to somebody, I’m scared, you’re scared of that rejection you have to be mentally prepared to be rejected.
Just like someone told me recently, it’s kinda like a second coming out. You never know who’s going to be there for you, who’s going to be bolt.
There’s a lot of days still where I feel like, maybe it will take a long time to find someone who is going to love me this way who’s really going to accept me for who I am.
HIV is not this individual disease, it’s a community disease.
It’s all about knowledge. It’s all about empowerment. And that’s really why Speak Out is so amazing for me because it helps me see that our experience isn’t all so different. The community we belong to is the same community.
We’re the ones who are mostly affected by it so we got to start the conversation here.
I am my brother’s keeper, positive or not.

Let’s be real. Gay men are not talking about HIV nearly enough. This introduction to “Speak Out: Let’s Talk! For Our Relationships, Health, and Community” addresses topics such as PrEP, HIV testing, treatment, and how we as a community can bring HIV out of the closet. Learn more at