PrEP vs PEP?

PrEP and PEP – what’s the difference? In this video, Dr. Demetre explains the distinction between PrEP and PEP and how their uses are quite different. 

PrEP, which stands for PRE-exposure prophylaxis, is the daily pill that must be taken BEFORE a possible exposure to HIV. Remember it must also be taken for a certain number of days before it reaches maximum effectiveness. (Click here to learn more about timing and effectiveness).

PEP, short for POST-exposure prophylaxis, is an emergency option to reduce the risk of contracting HIV AFTER a possible exposure. PEP involves starting a triple-drug combination of HIV drugs within 48 to 72 hours of the possible exposure and staying on the daily regimen for a month.

Any healthcare provider can prescribe PrEP and PEP, but not all may be familiar with them. If yours is not, click here to find a PrEP-friendly provider near you.

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