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Necaela & Victoria

Necaela: My sister, she is fourteen years younger than me. So once I felt like she reached that level of age of maturity, that it was time to really talk to her about certain things that were going on in my life.

Victoria: Why don’t we go get our nails done, because this nail broke off – ew.

Necaela: I know – I just got mine done the other day. Say – do you know what transgender means? That’s who I am. Let me explain this to you. And I could see it was weird for her at first [laughs].

Victoria: I felt like, okay, I missed out on having, you know, that big brother, but she is still, you know, my sister. I still love her the same.

Nicaela: Everything is a process. You gotta be open and willing.

Victoria: We have a better relationship because we can talk about anything. You need some sugar?

Nicaela: Yeah. So how’s little man doing in school?

Victoria: Um actually um he’s doin good. He’s going to the next grade.

Nicaela: I told my sister that I was HIV positive, it was very scary, but I felt like that I could trust her.

Victoria: When was the last time you been to the doctor?

Nicaela: I been to the doctor about three months ago.

Victoria: I worry about her health, I worry if she’s you know taking her meds, is she down, is she okay. I do make sure I do call.

Nicaela: Have I taken my medication, uh is it time for a refill? It is very important coming from your family. Very, very important.

Victoria: My love for my sister is unconditional. There is nothing in the world that would stop me from loving her.

Necaela’s biggest support comes from her younger sister Victoria, who has always shown her unconditional love, consistently checks in, and visits often. Victoria’s love for her sister has been unwavering, through learning about her HIV status, and supporting her through her gender transition.

Be Informed, Talk Openly

Knowing the facts and talking openly about HIV helps end stigma. Having the support of loved ones improves the health and well-being of people living with HIV.

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