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I got in this pattern where I would kind of party on the weekends and then during Monday through Friday I’d go back to work. But what ended up happening was the the drugs kind of started overtaking. I had every intention to use protection but you know when you’re under the influence of meth or probably any drug, your inhibitions are lowered and your sex drive is crazy. So I wasn’t shocked when the result came back positive. This is going to maybe sound crazy but I was somewhat relieved that was HIV-positive cuz I thought well now I don’t have to worry about contracting anymore. I’ve got it.
When I got sober in 2008, that’s when reality kind of set in. And I realize that if I didn’t embrace the fact that I had HIV and do something about it then then HIV was going to be my downfall.
I knew that HIV was manageable and I had to take the actions to treat it. I work in a field where I’m able to give back to the community and also still work with substance abuse and drug users so I’m constantly trying to pay it forward and I think that’s that helps keep me in a really healthy place.

Nat struggled with a meth addiction for many years. When he got sober, reality set in. He realized if he didn’t address his HIV it would be his downfall.

Stay Healthy, Prevent HIV

A person with HIV who is in ongoing care can live a normal lifespan. In addition to improving health, HIV treatment also prevents the spread of the virus to others.

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