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There was a period when I was in a relationship and I hadn’t been tested. I found that he did cheat on me. I didn’t get tested for a couple of months because I was kind of dreading the answer. I just went and did it and I was negative and that’s why I was like, “Okay, this is it.” PrEP is a pill you take once a day to protect you from HIV. I had an alarm set on my phone, it literally said, it had the little emoji of a pill, to “Take your PrEP.” My mom would say about me being on PrEP, “Oh, I can lay at night and know my baby’s safe.” It just, it gives her peace of mind. I personally pair PrEP with condoms, so I know that I’m not risking getting other STDs that are out there. Condoms and PrEP, you’ll be (SNAP) good to go. If you’re positive, let’s go get you on your meds so you can be undetectable. If you’re not and you’re wanting to be sexually active, why take the chance? I love informing people because I mean, we could wipe this out, and that could be, that could be the end. For more information about PrEP, go to

Lux says PrEP gives him, and his mom, peace of mind.

Let’s Talk About PrEP!

For those who do not have HIV, PrEP offers another powerful means of protection. When taken as prescribed, this daily pill is highly effective in protecting against HIV.

Click here to find out more about the pill to prevent HIV, including local PrEP providers.