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Let’s Talk About Mpox!

Stop right here. We have some really important stuff to talk about.

Mpox is transmitted by close skin-to-skin contact, often in the context of sex.

It is something that we see a lot more of in the community of gay, bisexual, and other same gender loving men, or other men who have sex with men.

We usually think of mpox as a skin infection. People can get a rash. It can look like chickenpox. It can look like herpes. Some people also progress to having mpox in other parts of their body and that tends to be very painful.

Vaccination with two doses of mpox vaccine means a pretty great level of protection. No vaccine is perfect, so there's always a risk of mpox, people who are vaccinated tend to have fewer symptoms and get hospitalized less.

If you haven't gotten dose one, get dose one now. If you haven't gotten your second dose, it's never too late. We want to get that force field up all the way to level ten, no halfway protection. Let's get it done.

Mpox vaccines are available!

Get protected against mpox. Vaccination is available at no cost at many locations. Your local health department can tell you more about options in your community. Find a vaccine near you.