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Keeping up with HIV Prevention & Care During COVID-19

Blossom: I think it’s just given me more motivation to take care of myself during this time, because you never know what might happen. And so I definitely have learned to become more adherent during this crazy time.

Charles: During this pandemic, what I did is I switched up when I take my medication. Now, I take my medication once I wake up every morning at 7:00 because I know that how my day to day workflow is, I know that I will forget at 12 noon.

Michael: I have personally been on PrEP for five years now. Definitely when you’re used to taking a daily pill at a certain time every day, then your entire life schedule changes. That definitely kind of creates some barriers to, “Did I take my pill today? I’m realizing, “Oh, there are a whole lot of apps that exist that can help you remember to take your medication, help you remember when you have appointments coming up.”

Charles: Since we’re in that category of underlying health conditions, we have to protect ourselves. In order for you to reach that viral suppression, I feel that you have to be in tune with your body, your mind and soul to just be able to love yourself more and know that your health is more important.