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How does being on PrEP make you feel?

It makes me feel protected. It also makes me feel like I am part of something special, like part of a movement.
I feel so powerful and not powerless while on PrEP.
It makes me feel less anxious about sex and less anxious about…the day after.
As dorky as this is gonna sound, being on PrEP honestly makes me feel like I’m adulating like a champion.
Knowing that I am taking the right steps to be precautious and secure in my well-being.
It makes me feel like I can walk in a new way. Being on PrEP makes me feel safe, makes me feel confident, and it makes me feel empowered.

“Being on PrEP makes me feel safe, confident and empowered.” Young men from around the country share how being on PrEP, the pill to prevent HIV, makes them feel. Watch what they have to say!

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