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Greater Than HIV at San Francisco Pride

Today we’re hitting the streets of San Francisco asking people to speak out about HIV and AIDS.
I think it’s off the radar
We’re still far behind.
It is a big part of our lives.
People aren’t being informed, they’re not using protection.
It’s the invisible problem right now.
In my community, the transgender African American Community, we really need more help and we really need more education.
People are not as concerned of actually getting it because they if they think that they’re going to get it, they know they can live a long life
Well I think we’ve just made so much progress. Today, it’s not so much a death sentence but it’s life-changing. My generation – they’re all gone. They’re not here and I fear that might happen to the generation that’s behind us.
Before anything becomes too hot or too serious you know, I want to ask what’s their HIV status.
It’s my policy. Two dates – got to get tested
[Does HIV/AIDS ever come up in conversation?] Not really. Nobody really asks. Nobody really does that at all. It’s kind of weird to bring it up right before you have sex. [You’ve never asked someone if they’ve been tested?] No I haven’t but I feel like I should do you know
If I don’t think I have it then you know and I don’t think she has it I’m just not going to worry about it. It’s talking about HIV, talkin about AIDS, you really don’t talk about those things
I think there’s still a huge stigma about it and behind it.
[Why does HIV and AIDS still have the stigma following it around?] Because it has to do with sex. For all that we put sex out there and talking about it, we still have a lot of taboo about talking about sex.
I am HIV-positive and for the very first time in my life, I am able to accept it, own it, and to not be afraid because I lived in fear for a very long time.
The LGBT community has to speak out.
We need to embrace ourselves as a community again and come around and rally around each other like we have rallied around this Marriage Equality Act.
We’re not going anyway on this issue either – this is on the agenda as well.

Greater Than HIV goes to San Francisco Pride to ask people to Speak Out about HIV and AIDS. Hear what they have to say!