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Greater Than HIV: Deciding Moments

I was in a monogamous relationship with the guy who I loved and who I trusted. There was one day I didn’t use the condom that changed my life forever.
I can work out. I can do all these things. I could have a physically great body, but if I’m not doing other things to take care of myself, I’m a waste of time. Am I eating right? Am I having safe sex? You know, it’s okay to talk about it, be free about it, and make that a priority in your life.
When it comes to HIV, the black community should be more aware.
When I was pregnant, my deciding moment was to stay on treatment so that my baby could be born HIV negative.
I don’t care how long you’ve known someone, it’s still your responsibility to protect yourself. I am HIV negative and I want to stay that way.
HIV is so on the rise now. It’s not only affecting men. It’s affecting women, mothers, professional women. It’s affecting married women.
My deciding moment was seeing my friend on his deathbed. I decided that I needed to participate and help people in any way I can to break down the stigma centered around HIV and AIDS. I lost someone I really care about to AIDS. And there was a lot of silence around the issue, a lot of shame, but the real shame comes from not talking about HIV and AIDS. I’m the catalyst for change. My deciding moment was when I first found out that I was HIV positive. When you accept yourself, you make yourself empowered to deal with anything.
Marteniz is like a breath of fresh air and when we’re together, I am so proud to be his mother. I’m a mother and I have a son that’s HIV positive and he’s gay. I love him. I love everything about him.
My deciding moment was when I got free from the stigma of HIV. I’m not worried about what you think about me. I’m more concerned about what I think about myself, now as a direct result I feel great.
I know my status and you should too because we’re all Greater than AIDS. Make sure you listen it.
My name is Andre
My name is DJ
My name is Marvelyn
My name is Aziz
My name is Martinez and this is my deciding moment
My name is Teresa
My name is Dionne and I am Greater than AIDS
and I’m Greater than AIDS
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