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Let’s Get Tested: National HIV Testing Day at Walgreens

Nico: On National HIV testing day, we all kind of promote that there’s free testing and we make it a positive and safe environment.

Glen: Walgreens Center of Excellence stores provide services that are customized for people living with HIV in the communities where they live. As a pharmacist, Greater Than HIV gives me the opportunity to help people and it just a natural service that we want to be able to provide to our customers.

Diane: We do free HIV testing and we just want everyone to get tested and know their status.

Nico: While they’re just shopping or waiting for their prescription, they could just have a quick test and it makes it part of their routine.

Diane: It’s your average Joes, your teachers, your doctors, your lawyers.

Jane: HIV/AIDS is something in our society that we need to tackle together.

Diane: We need to get rid of the stigma that only certain people can become HIV infected

Bruce: Everybody working at Walgreens is truly committee to the community, a part of the community, and Greater Than HIV campaign is just all about community.

Tonya: If you’re servicing the health care community, there’s no way that you cannot be a part of this movement.

Let’s Get Tested!

Get a FREE HIV test at participating Walgreens stores on National HIV Testing Day, Thursday, June 27th from 10 am to 7 pm (local time).

Click here to find a participating store near you!