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I Got Tested: Knowledge is Power

Yvonne: When I get tested, it’s about respect for myself, respect for my partner. It’s also about a respect for my community.

Andre: When Albert and I met and became serious, we decided to get tested together. I think it’s important always to be tested, even if you’re in a committed relationship.

Toren: Since I’ve been with Jonathan I test about every six months.

Chad: Because of my regular, routine testing schedule, I know exactly when I became HIV positive. From that point forward, it was really about going on meds, taking care of myself and recommitting to my own health.

Freda: It was important for me to go and get tested. It wasn’t about him.

Ana: I just felt like it was up to me to take care of myself and get tested. I went to the clinic and that’s how I found out I was HIV positive.

Freda: The turning point for me was knowing I’m going to be ok.

Ana: I can do this. I can be there for my kids. I can see them grow up. Everything that I’ve ever wanted to do I would still be able to do. You take medication and you live.

Larry: A year after testing positive and staying on my meds, my numbers are great. My viral load is still undetectable.

Jonathan: It’s so important for me that he stays healthy and uh stays negative and for me that means him getting tested and knowing his status and part of my empowerment in taking my medications is also I know that it keeps him safe.

Andre: I’m actually proud to be one of those people that’s vocal about getting tested.

Yvonne: It’s such a great feeling to know that you’re taking care of yourself.

Yvonne: I’m Yvonne

Larry: My name is Larry

Freda: I’m Freda

Andre: My name is Andre

Jonathan: I’m Jonathan and I got tested.

Freda: and I got tested.

Chad: I got tested.

Toren: and I got tested.

People showing pride for taking care of themselves and their health. Early diagnosis and treatment improves health, extends life and prevent the spread of the disease.

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