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Hi my name is Gary with the tea. I do radio entertainment gossip, GOSSIP, on the Rickey Smiley Morning show and I’ve been doing radio now for 22 years. HIV is definitely a problem today because I mean it’s still spread. And a lot of people still don’t want to discuss this and talk about it. I lost a minute of friends from HIV so this is something that you know, near and dear to my heart. I decided, well you know what Gary, you need to do something. I do have a voice and I can have something to say about HIV and AIDS so what better than to do it on a radio.

“Free HIV testing so ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, come on out and get a test today!”

Regardless of the situation, you need to get you tested, it doesn’t matter whether you’re negative or positive. Life goes on, so get tested and know your status.

I’m Gary with the T and I’m Greater than AIDS. Share your deciding moment at

Gary uses his voice and platform on the radio to talk about issues that are important to him, including HIV. He has lost many friends over the years to the virus, and he does everything he can to encourage people to get tested and know their status. Click here to learn more about HIV testing.