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Hi my name is Kym. I was born in Ohio and I live in Texas. My friends will say I’m a free spirit. Two years ago, my life was completely different. I had just married the man of my dreams and were ready to start our fairytale life.
He informed me that he was HIV-positive after we were married. He had been positive for several years. From there, I was tested for HIV. Shortly after my diagnosis, my husband died. It was indescribable really. I was angry but it was a hurt beyond anger. I’m 30 years old what am I supposed to do? How do I start over? Or where do I go now? But first things first was to take care of me and to say you know what I’m better than this. I can do this. I can beat this. I can conquer this. HIV cannot take my personality. It can’t take my life. I won’t allow it to.
Just because I have an HIV diagnosis does not mean I can’t date, doesn’t mean I won’t marry again, I won’t have children. I will have all of those things. It’s just something you have to work around and work with.
I’m still the same Kym. I’m a person. I have likes, I have dislikes. I have fun. I’m human, I’m not I’m not a disease.
I’m Kym and I am hands down Greater Than HIV.

Shortly after Kym married the man of her dreams, she found out that he was living with HIV. The months that followed brought deep sadness, but Kym emerged on the other side with incredible strength. She is not letting HIV stand in the way of her goals and dreams.