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Hi my name is Jon. I’m 30 years old and I’m at a high point in my life. And there have definitely been some low points. And there’s definitely been some points where I have really been out of control and really been unable to be in control. After testing HIV-positive, I fell into a deep addiction to crystal meth. It numbed everything and that’s exactly what I wanted it to do. Anyone that’s ever been involved in crystal meth and in the party scene, it’s just a cycle and I was just involved in that cycle. And I always wanted a way out and I didn’t think there was, it was possible to have a way out. It didn’t register that I had the power to do that. There there wasn’t one shining moment that made me realize that my life was nothing. It was just a series of realizations of waking up, knowing that I had no money, knowing that I had no place to live. And these things just started to compound upon themselves and I found myself at a free clinic talking to a therapist and and it was really the beginning of the turning points. It was more about the reinstilling the power that that I knew was inside of me and then I just been numbed for so many years. So ten years after testing positive, I’m healthy and I’m active and in the process of overcoming that addiction I have found the greatest thing which was myself.

After testing positive for HIV, Jon fell into a deep addiction to crystal meth. He wanted a way out, but he just couldn’t find it. With help from a therapist, Jon was able to rediscover the power that was inside of him that had been numbed by the drugs, and he was able to start putting his life back together.