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Let’s Talk About PrEP

I’m Dr. David. I’m your HIV doctor.

PrEP is pre-exposure prophylaxis and involves either some kind of medications, whether it be a pill or injections, that someone who is HIV negative can take in order to prevent getting HIV.

So, for me, PrEP is such a great option. I was one of those people that I could sometimes use condoms. Sometimes I wouldn’t use condoms.

If I look back, if I could speak to a younger version of myself, cuz back in 2007, I tested positive for HIV myself, I would’ve definitely taken something like PrEP in that day because I knew it would’ve helped me to prevent getting HIV.

Of course, now living with HIV, being on medications, being undetectable, that’s what I’m doing right now and I have to move forward.

But you have an opportunity, if you’re not living with HIV now, to actually take advantage of a lot of the biomedical advances that we have. I didn’t have the benefit of those biomedical advances back in 2007.

Do I wish that I had? Absolutely. Am I still living my best life? Absolutely.

But, if you have the options in front of you, make sure you exercise them and never let anyone talk you out of getting prep if you feel you need it.

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