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Davey Wavey

Pop quiz!

What is the difference between this and this?

This belongs to a person living with HIV, but it can be hard to tell, even on a microscopic level.

That’s because he’s on antiretrovirals, or ARVs.

These drugs can help him live a healthy, normal lifespan by keeping the amount of virus in the blood very low.

This is called being “virally suppressed” or “undetectable.”

That’s amazing!!

I know, right?!

If everyone with HIV knew their status and were on treatment, just think of how many new infections we could prevent.

That’s enough to get your blood pumping.

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A cheery Davey Wavey proclaims “That’s amazing!” The YouTube All Star is talking about what it means to be undetectable, how with ongoing treatment someone with HIV can reduce the amount of virus in the blood. The lower the viral load the less likely it is to pass HIV to a sexual partner. Click here to learn more about the importance of HIV treatment for yourself and the ones you love!

#HIVBeats is an upbeat and engaging music video series from #endHIV and Greater Than HIV, made in collaboration with YouTube, to educate about the latest in HIV prevention and treatment. Production was supported by unrestricted grant funding from Gilead Sciences, Inc. to the Abzyme Research Foundation. Gilead Sciences, Inc. has had no input into the development or content of these materials.